Office Hours X TEACH Partnership

A new way to give to TEACH: hosting your own expert Office Hours  


We’re excited to announce our partnerships with ShoppingGives and Office Hours– a new knowledge exchange platform helping professionals share their expertise. By consulting on Office Hours, you can support TEACH’s work and help us reach more children in 2021.


Our partnership with Office Hours–an exciting new platform that connects professionals with organizations who need their expertise–lets you become a part-time consultant while dedicating a portion of your extra income to TEACH. That way, you can share your knowledge with digital health startups, therapeutics organizations, healthcare investment firms and more–all while helping us reach more children in 2021.


Office Hours’ mission is to empower all people to realize the value of their own unique experiences. To get started, you can visit their website and create a profile. From there, Office Hours will help match you with clients for paid consultations–your very own “office hours” at a frequency and schedule that’s right for you. Best of all, Office Hours makes it easy for users to donate a portion of their earnings to a charity of their choice, all you have to do is mark TEACH or any other nonprofit as your beneficiary during the sign up process.


We hope you can take part in this exciting new effort. To learn more, visit Office Hour’s site. Happy teaching! 


Looking back: TEACH in 2020


Through our virtual online platform, we expanded our reach in 2020 and made a difference in more children’s lives. We have expanded to new hospitals in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Missouri using our online platform, and are working on another expansion within California as well! With your support, we will continue growing in the year ahead and use STEM education to make each day brighter for hospitalized children.


Your donations will have a direct impact for children:

-$50 will sponsor a module for 3 children

-$200 will sponsor a module for 12 children

-$750 will sponsor an entire hospital, which can serve up to 300 children annually


Create your Office Hours account to share your expertise and give back.


We are excited to work together and see our shared impact for children grow.  

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